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Acme House Raising – “We’ll Leave Your Home Better Than We Found It!”

Most people in south Louisiana prefer that the home elevation crew handling your grant applications and raising your home (1) has years of experience in the house raising industry, (2) can guide you through the process of applying for an elevation grant, (3) is from your area of South Louisiana, (4) honors their guarantees, and (5) lifts your home professionally and carefully.

Choosing ACME House Raising to lift your home is a smart choice—a group of local professionals with many years of experience. We will help guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you stay as stress-free as possible. You will be assisted by a personal House Raising Specialist that is specifically assigned to you and your case. Usually, you can have your house raised for no out of pocket expenses what-so-ever!

Our grant specialists can work with you to apply for the following programs: Individual Mitigation Measures (IMM) and Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC), Repetitive Flood Claims (RFC), The Road Home Program, Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL), and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

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A pier home is typically a slightly raised home that consists of large horizontal members supporting floor joists.

Acme House Raising has raised hundreds of these pier homes in the New Orleans area. All of our projects are done to parish code and with high regard to your personal satisfaction. Additionally, each individual pier conforms to one of our in-house engineers’ specifications.
Acme House Raising provides the New Orleans area with options for all your home elevation needs. We’re here to help if you need a concrete slab elevation.

A concrete slab elevation involves raising the entire house with the slab attached. The slab is tunneled along the grade beams, and concrete pilings are then shot to the refusal point every six feet along the perimeter and along the tunneled grade beams.
We do a General Cleaning along with wiping/cleaning all baseboards, windexing inside windows, cleaning/wiping down doors, light switch plates, door frames, cleaning out refrigerator, cleaning/degreasing oven and stove tops.

Acme House Raising also offers a slab separation option when raising your New Orleans home. This procedure involves separating the walls of the structure from the slab itself.

With a slab separation elevation, the entire house is raised without the slab. Once the walls are at base flood elevation level or higher, a new sub floor is then constructed with treated wood joists and plates. The slab remains in its original location and serves as the foundation for the block piers that will support the newly constructed floor and original walls of the structure.


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Acme House Raising – “We’ll Leave Your Home Better Than We Found It!”
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