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Bastion Works – Restoring And Updating Historic Homes

Bastion Works was founded in 2010 and serves the historic home renovation market. Historic home renovations take a particular skill set and problem solving capacity that can only be developed with experience and passion for preservation.

Our goal is to make the homeowner’s vision a reality by working closely with the owners, architects and subcontractors to ensure that all projects stay on time and within budget, while offering a clean, safe job site.

What makes us different? We make sure your house looks and feels like a historic home, but functions like a modern house.

How do we do this? We are careful to use period appropriate material and dimensions, but also meld in the newest floor plans, plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems that a modern house requires. We spend a lot of time salvaging material, be it millwork such as doors or windows, or lumber. This allows us to reuse this material in projects to instill a sense of originality to the house, like building vanities and built-in cabinets out of salvaged wood. We make sure when we install pine floors, they are actual antique pine, that is quarter or riff sawn, straight grain long leaf pine, not new pine that is dyed.

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Residential and Commercial Services

From a simple shed to a full-blown renovation or even a new-build, we can help you design and then build it.

You can either work with our in-house designers or we are happy to work with an architect of your choosing. The important thing is to have a plan! Lots of wasted time and money goes into projects that do not have a plan at the beginning.

Many of our projects are houses that were once neglected, rundown eyesores of the neighborhood, but after lots of careful work, end up as beautifully finished, unique homes.
For full renovations, we start by cleaning the property (including under the house), getting rid of the unnecessary elements and meticulously salvaging and organizing historic material that can be saved for later in the project’s renovation process.

Then, our project managers oversee the framing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, before the sheetrock and trim and finish carpentry and painting.

We take the headaches out of the permitting process, and can consult about tax credit and HDLC approval.
We do a General Cleaning along with wiping/cleaning all baseboards, windexing inside windows, cleaning/wiping down doors, light switch plates, door frames, cleaning out refrigerator, cleaning/degreasing oven and stove tops.

We strive to make your house as energy efficient as possible by using efficient HVAC systems, good passive solar design, and ensuring that your building envelope is very tight. We do this by keeping ourselves educatedabout cutting edge technologies and a strict attention to detail during the building process.

Holy cow, we love working with salvaged material! We can build you furniture, make flooring, make wainscoating, you name it! Some things have to come new (wiring, plumbing, HVAC), but we make a point of salvaging material and getting it back into your house where we can because that’s what keeps the house feeling original!

The reality is we can’t reuse everything that goes into your house or that is left over when construction is completed, so the extras go to The Green Project, the free section on craigslist, the scrap yard (old pipe, metal, etc.) or other builders/artists that we know.

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Bastion Works – Restoring And Updating Historic Homes
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