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Bill’s Brickwork – Restoring Unique Masonry Features

Bill’s Brickwork is a locally owned and operated masonry company, specializing, but not limited to, restoration and repair. Bill Sampson has has worked in the French Quarter and the surrounding New Orleans area for over fifteen years building and restoring the unique masonry features of the city.

Our goal is to provide a complete service from beginning to end of your masonry project, wheather it be large or small. We take great pride in using quality materials and craftsmanship, paying close attention to details, ensuring customer satisfaction

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Residential and Commercial Services

• Select your lot
• Establish a budget
• Find a preliminary design
• Start shopping for the choices of materials to be used
• Revise your design after you have analyzed the choices
• Start your banking process to understand what you are qualified to barrow
• Revise your choices on the available loan amount
• Prepare the construction documents that will allow the job to be bid out
• Develop the construction specifications on exactly what is going into the house
• Review the bids to see where is the overall construction cost
• Develop a construction schedule to know what decisions are necessary to keep the job running smoothly

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brick-layersall-servicesBill’s Brickwork – Restoring The Unique Masonry Features Of The City

Bill’s Brickwork – Restoring Unique Masonry Features
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