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Bryant Hammett & Associates,L.L.C. – It Is Not Just About Engineering And Surveying, It Is About Serving People

Bryant Hammett & Associates, L.L.C., is a full-service civil engineering and land surveying company that strives to provide the very best services possible. Our experienced surveying and engineering staff utilizes the most advanced technology and equipment in our pursuit of excellence, yielding quality work. Professional people and professional decisions equal positive end results.

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Residential and Commercial Services

Water Treatment Systems –BH&A designs small package treatment plants for small municipalities and large treatment facilities for parish water systems. Treatment schemes range from simple chlorination to large 1,000-gpm pressure filters and superpulsator clarifiers.

Water Distribution Systems –BH&A designs fire protection systems for municipalities and distribution networks for parish-wide water systems.

Water Supply –BH&A has developed large-scale, 10-mile water transmission lines serving elevated tanks and has designed numerous water wells to be used for potable water for several different municipalities and parish water districts.

Water Storage -BH&A designs ground storage facilities with constant pressure pump systems and elevated tanks of various sizes.

Wastewater Treatment Systems – BH&A has been involved in the development and retrofit of numerous municipal treatment facilities, including treatment system types ranging from aerated lagoons to mechanical plants.

Wastewater Collection Systems/Pump Stations -BH&A designs sewer collection systems for parish sewer districts and also for municipalities. We have also been involved in the rehabilitation of existing sewer collection lines by pipe bursting and the CIPP method.

NPDES Permitting –BH&A writes permit applications for storm water, red water, sanitary wastewater discharges and water quality certification.

U.S. Corps of Engineers Permitting – BH&A writes applications for Section 10 and Section 404 permits for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Landfill Permitting, Design, Inspection and Construction Staking –BH&A writes and modifies applications for permits for Types I, II and III landfills, as well as develops permitted drawings into construction drawings for initial landfill construction and landfill upgrades. BH&A also provides the construction staking survey work required for the landfill construction.

Building Site Design –BH&A works with architectural firms designing building sites and parking for medical complexes and other commercial use buildings.

Utility Relocation – BH&A works with municipalities to serve incoming industries with their utilities and in the relocation of utilities for highway construction.

Gas Distribution Systems –BH&A designs and rehabilitates gas distribution systems for municipalities and rural gas distribution companies serving residential areas.

Street and Highway Construction/Reconstruction –BH&A has worked with the LA DOTD on the expansion of an existing portion of Highway 84/65 to five lanes. BH&A also designs new roads and hard surfacing projects for municipalities and rural parish roads.

Bridge Design –BH&A has worked with the LA DOTD Off-System Bridge Program for several years in many parishes throughout the state. BH&A handles the surveying tasks, the design and the hydraulic report for every project.

Subdivision Design –BH&A has designed subdivisions from the ground up including lot size, topographic features and general drainage. Utilities included in the design are gas, water, fire protection and subsurface drainage. Other features include paved streets with sidewalks, curb and gutter, green or common areas and traffic circles.

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Bryant Hammett & Associates,L.L.C. – It Is Not Just About Engineering And Surveying, It Is About Serving People
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