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CLS Architects – Driven By A Dream To Create Environments

Established in 1990, Charles L Silbernagel & Associates, Inc. is a full service architectural design firm founded on the commitment to design and the dream to create environments where people can live/work in harmony with their surroundings. Through 30 years of experience Charles L Silbernagel & Associates, Inc. has acquired a wide knowledge and understanding of the industry. Over the years, the company has successfully obtained a high number of satisfied clients. CIS Architect s design team will expedite the process from the owner s initial thoughts and dreams to the desired finished product. We have a reputation of quality work and detailed construction documents that deliver a predictable on-time and accurate construction phase. This allows us to maintain budget controls while still obtaining the client s over all goals and objectives. CIS Architects has an outstanding history in residential design and strives to create a professional-client relationship based on comprehens ive communication. Charles L Silbernagel & Associates, Inc. is a professional design group dedicated to the passion and integrity of innovative, resourceful, and inspired architectural design.

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ClS Architects guides clients toward a full realization of their vision by helping them conceptualize the greatest potential for their particular space. The goals are to generate opportunities from possible site constraints and produce designs that are consistently bright, clear, and honest. We value the uniqueness of each client, and community, and are eager to approach each project and each challenge therein with fresh, inspired, and case specific insights.
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CLS Architects – Driven By A Dream To Create Environments
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