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Colmex Construction – Building Homes, Touching Lives

At Colmex Construction LLC, we specialize in all phases of construction from small repair to new home construction, residential or commercial projects. We also provide services of design and construction related activities.
Colmex Construction, LLC
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Residential and Commercial Services

The early planning and design phase of every project is critical in determining its success, that is why we at Colmex Construction, LLC do an early review of the program and design, to provides the best opportunity for making recommendations that can result in cost and time savings, That way Money is well spent ensuring long-term performance and not wasted on the wrong scope of work, and the wrong construction techniques.

It is of great importance in a project that needs wood frame to find a good professional company who know the techniques of framing. We have complete control to ensure that work is conducted properly. When you build a house and need to add a room or just add a wall in the future, your structure must support these additions. Therefore a good job of framing will pay in the long term.

If you need either a New Roof Installation or just a roof replacement due to Structural problems — The roof may appear to sag in some areas because of insufficient strength or deterioration of framing, Moisture problems — excess moisture in the attic area can lead to deterioration of the roof structure or the roof may have localized damage or if it have a widespread damage, you can count with us because our Specialists will use the proper type of work for the specific application.

We have the perfect roofing solution for your home. We price our products fairly and work hard to make sure that our customers get exactly what they want.

Colmex Construction, LLC offers concrete services. The experience and dedication of our employees give us the ability to meet our clients’ wide variety of needs. We strive to put these assets to work for you by offering consistent, reliable workmanship, competitive pricing and the capability to meet strict schedule requirements.

Colmex’s new weatherization project focuses on cost-effective energy conservation measures which include: home air sealing, insulation, duct work air sealing, heating and cooling equipment, lighting fixtures, radiant barrier, window and door repair, weather stripping, solar film insulation, minor or incidental structural repairs, installation of light bulbs, installation of smoke detectors, installation of carbon monoxide detectors, installation of plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters, and other appliances. By taking some of these steps and taking advantage of our weatherization program, you could lower your energy bills permanently.

Colmex Construction – Building Homes, Touching Lives
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