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Dan Burghardt Insurance: insuring homes, modular homes, mobile homes and condos

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The greatest strength of Dan Burghardt Insurance is Dan Burghardt. His unwaivering commitment to satisfying the needs and wants of everyone who calls or visits any of our offices is the driving force behind the Dan Burghardt Difference. His dedication to the people of the New Orleans metro area plus his personal daily involvement in servicing all who contact us for insurance make Dan the truly outstanding factor in the agency’s growth and success. In addition, he has surrounded himself with top quality people who are as equally dedicated to the servicing and satisfaction of clients as he is. Whether you are just calling with a question, shopping for insurance, buying it, or even making a claim, it has always been Dan’s goal to provide an informative, helpful and delightful experience.

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We Offer Residential and Commercial Services

With the constant threat of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flooding in our area, tragedy can strike within hours or even minutes. If you need help with the high cost of insuring your home (and who doesn’t?), then look no further. With new markets and lower rates, Dan Burghardt Insurance is saving people hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their homeowner’s insurance.

Flood insurance is available to protect homes, modular homes, mobile homes, condos, apartments, non-residential buildings, and commercial structures. We also cover contents for apartment and condo renters. Flood Insurance is also available for vacant homes, renovation and builder’s risk projects, and businesses that need their contents protected as well.

Dwelling Fire Insurance protects a home against the perils specifically named in the policy. Many common causes of damage, such as fire, hail, and lightning, are usually listed as covered “named peril” in a Dwelling Fire Policy. If something other than the named peril causes damage to the home, the policy does not cover the loss. It is important to know that Dwelling Fire Insurance is not broad form coverage, as a HO3 Homeowner Policy. The HO3 is all risk coverage unless specific exclusions are listed.

You may do the work yourself, sub-contract the work yourself, or use a licensed contractor of your choice.
If you want to start a new home from the ground up, we can cover you as long as you are not more than 15% complete. For most insurers, coverage becomes unavailable after 15% is completed. The Builder’s Risk Policy will cover you completely until 60 days of occupancy, at which time we can offer to convert to a Homeowner Policy, Tenant Occupied Policy, or Vacant Property Policy if it is for sale.

Over the last 15 years you have collected stamps, antique pistols, comic books, baseball cards, coins, Native American memorabilia, old records, ceramics, dolls, miniatures, trains, and for the rest of us out there, the list of collectibles is unlimited in range. The questions posed are: Are they insured? Will my homeowner’s policy cover them? What if my collectibles are stored somewhere else?

Twenty-five million Americans, more than ever before, are choosing to open a home-based business. With the growth of internet, owning an in-home business is a lot easier. But, with lawsuits on the rise for simple accidents, fire and weather hazards, as well as increases in robberies and theft, many small businesses, and particularly small home-based businesses, do not have the proper insurance coverage.


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Dan Burghardt Insurance: insuring homes, modular homes, mobile homes and condos
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