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Evans-Graves Engineers – Bringing Quality And In-Depth Experience

Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc., formerly Edward E. Evans and Associates, Inc., was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1954. The firm was organized to provide professional engineering services in the fields of civil and structural engineering. John Graves has been with the firm for over 35 years, 17 years of which has been as President of Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc. Mr. Graves has been responsible for plan production and management of all phases of projects undertaken by the firm; from preliminary engineering, feasibility studies, and regulatory permitting through final design and construction. His professional experience includes property and engineering assessments for site selection, project management, transportation/master planning and analysis, boundary and topographic site surveys, and all phases of civil site engineering. Mr. Graves has worked on a multitude of engineering projects for clients representing national retail companies, industrial parks, hospital and institutional complexes, residential development, utility companies, petro-chemical industry, as well as local, state and federal government. Mr. Graves frequently serves as a court expert providing research and testimony in his field of expertise.

Today, the firm continues to provide quality, professional engineering services in the Gulf South with experienced personnel and offices in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc. is able to handle a wide variety of projects while providing personal service to clients. Evans-Graves Engineers: bringing quality and in-depth experience to clients for more than 50 years.

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Residential and Commercial Services

Site Evaluation & Assessment Because of lengthy experience in both the public and the private sector, the firm is able to bring an additional viewpoint to the beginning stages of a project, involving itself not only in the all important due diligence process, but also in the financial, governmental, and planning stages of a potential development. This provides each client with an accurate assessment of infrastructure, plans, specifications, contracts, and construction administration necessary to bring a potential site to development stage.

The professional staff at Evans-Graves has consulted on projects ranging from regional “super mall” shopping centers to apartment complexes, hotels, and office parks. Increasingly, engineers at the firm are called upon to develop sites within existing metropolitan areas, using existing infrastructure and transportation resources. This area combines well with the broad experience of Evans-Graves in municipal engineering, to provide for each site, the best advice and engineering to develop its full potential.

Evans-Graves specializes in subdivision development. From obtaining preliminary approvals of regulatory agencies to surveying, engineering and construction administration services for street, drainage and sewer facilities, the firm uses many areas of its expertise in the development of subdivisions. The experience of the firm ranges from small private communities to large scale residential golf course developments.

Evans-Graves has utilized its expertise in permitting and regulatory matters throughout the Gulf South. Because of the firm’s commitment to involvement with its clients in all phases of project development, Evans-Graves has the confidence of not only each of their clients, but also of the various regulatory agencies. Additionally, Evans-Graves engineers stay current with local zoning, permitting, and land use regulations for each project, so that each client can pass through the permitting process as efficiently as possible.

Evans-Graves is a leader in professional surveying services. With a staff of accredited Professional Land Surveyors and state of the art equipment, Evans-Graves has provided accurate surveying services which include topographic and boundary surveys, construction stakeout, final plats/lot stakeout, expert testimony in boundary disputes, and the preparation of site surveys to ALTA standards. This in-house capability contributes greatly to Evans-Graves’ ability to successfully handle the broad range of projects in which the firm is involved.

From master plan studies for governmental use, to the design of drainage plans for a variety of projects, Evans-Graves has demonstrated its expertise in drainage. This expertise has proven to be a valuable asset to its clients, especially in light of the growing concern of how new developments impact existing drainage facilities. Utilizing information developed in the preparation of drainage impact studies, Evans-Graves is able to prepare construction plans that focus on minimizing potential impacts proposed developments have on existing infrastructure.

As more emphasis is placed on regulatory constraints, Evans-Graves is designing to meet the needs of municipalities and developers in the many facets of wastewater management. Whether planning and designing complete sewer systems or rehabilitating existing sewer infrastructure, Evans-Graves has experience in a wide array of wastewater engineering projects to provide efficient answers to the often complex questions involved in this area.

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Evans-Graves Engineers – Bringing Quality And In-Depth Experience
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