Why did you create this business?

We have worked with many smaller construction service businesses who didn’t know how to market their services. As a homeowner, the most you could hope for is to copy down information on a truck magnet or make a wrong turn on a street and see a yard sign.

Do you hold any liability between the homeowner and the service companies listed on your website?

No. We list them to give you one location to use as a guide to see there are MANY companies in the construction industry who do great work. Before and After pictures tell you the best story.

Why are testimonials about the construction companies you list links to their website?

The construction companies know their customers better than we do. We can’t confirm everybody or we would have to knock on almost every door in NOLA. There isn’t that much time left.

Who owns the content submitted?

All submissions are the property of the company who submitted the information, pictures, video, content, et al. Builder Talents is not responsible for how, where, when or why you contacted the construction companies listed on this website.

How do we protect ourselves from fraudulent construction companies?

Research their past history. The BBB, Yelp and the internet have plenty of places for those to seek revenge if they didn’t get what was promised.

Who do we contact if we have problems with a construction company?

The construction company first. Rarely does anything go as planned. You have to give some leeway for timing and completion dates, unless those on a signed contract. Construction projects are the epicenter of how LA weather affects progress.

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