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Lagarde’s  – Exquisite Kitchen and Bath Design

Our designs begin with pencil and paper which allows us to design based on our vision rather than being bound by limitations of kitchen design software so ubiquitous today. When designers are forced to pick from pre-configured cabinet styles to “build” a space, the kitchens more often than not take on a generic, utilitarian appearance. In contrast, our designs are as individual as their owners and home they have created, resulting in what is truly custom-made furniture for your kitchen.

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In the envisioning stage, we begin looking at any ideas or inspirations you might have, we explore the many cabinet door styles and colors as well as our portfolio of recent projects for inspiration and defining your preferences. We also examine your house plans and/or the existing structure to help us create a space that is architecturally harmonious with the rest of the house. We take your vision and combine it with our nearly 50 years of design expertise and best practices, and we create a plan that is completely unique to your home and lifestyle.


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Lagarde’s  – Exquisite Kitchen and Bath Design
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