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Landrieu Concrete & Cement Ind – Green Concrete Solutions

Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries delivers ready-mix concrete to the New Orleans market. We deliver concrete design, engineering and products on schedule and 100% to-spec through LCCI’s end-to-end cement sourcing, concrete production and exclusive concrete deployment technologies that reduce costs and empower contractors to provide their customers with unmatched speed and quality of concrete installation. We know you want the best for your concrete construction projects, and we work to make sure that we stand out from all other concrete companies. New Orleans can stand on a solid foundation with Landrieu Concrete & Cement Industries.

Our customer focus is serving architects, engineers, program managers, builders and contractors that deliver their services to the major project and programs of Federal, State, Parish (County) and Municipal governments, agencies, and authorities, as well as to commercial developers, churches, health care enterprises, schools, colleges, universities and Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries, including communications, defense, healthcare, energy, utilities and facilities management, etc. in Louisiana, Mississippi and other select markets. LCCI is continuously developing world-class concrete products and solutions, as well as supporting management tools, product deployment processes and technologies that lead architects, engineers, program managers, builders, and contractors to select LCCI as their preferred provider.

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Residential and Commercial Services

We Focus on
• Consistent quality of concrete
• Enhanced Service Levels
• Value for Money
• Timely Delivery
• Value Added Services
• Development of new Products
• Projects based Concrete plans
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Landrieu Concrete & Cement Ind – Green Concrete Solutions
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