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Mandle-Edwards Surveying, Inc. – Provides Essential Services To Developers, Builders, And Individuals

Mandle-Edwards Surveying, Inc. is located in metro New Orleans, and provides clients with an array of Land Surveying services including Property Line Surveys, Boundary Line Surveys, Mortgage Surveys, Flood Insurance Elevations, Benchmark Elevations, ALTA/ACSM Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Accident Site Surveys, Construction Layouts, GPS Surveying, Hydrographic Surveying and CAD drafting services to name a few.

We are very familiar with the surveying nuances associated with the uniqueness of the local areas, and our company uses its large file of surveying records and plans of the area to help expedite work.

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Residential and Commercial Services


Usually referred to as ALTA Surveys, these surveys are usually more commonly performed on commercial and industrial properties. They determine property lines, locate substantial visible improvements, and typically identify and show, utilities, parking spaces, building dimensions, information on identifying adjoining property, property zoning information and flood zones as listed on the “Table A” options from the ALTA requirements. An ALTA Survey is usually performed in coordination with the issuance of a Title Insurance Policy on the property by a Title Insurance Company and requires easements and other restrictions contained with in the title commitment to be addressed on the survey. An ALTA Survey is a very comprehensive survey.


The builder’s package, also called Construction Packages, is designed to provide all of the necessary land surveys and elevation certificates needed for local government permits for the construction of a new home or commercial building. A Builder’s Package is more cost effective than if each of the elevations and surveys are ordered in a piecemeal manner. Actual requirements may vary from one local government to another and over time change. A Builders’ Package may be tailored to meet additional needs. In general, a basic Builders’ Package will include the following:

1st Trip: Property line survey staking, where physically accessible, or referencing the corners of the property and issue survey plat. Elevation survey of property (includes construction benchmark) and issue certificate of construction benchmark.

2nd Trip: Top of Forms/Pier survey and elevation prior to pouring slab or upon construction of piers. Issue survey plat showing perimeter location of forms/pier and issue Top of Forms/Piers elevation.

3rd Trip: Slab(floor) survey and elevation after the slab has been poured or the floor has been added. Issue survey plat showing slab (floor) location and FEMA elevation certificate showing slab/floor elevation.

4th Trip: As Built survey and elevation. Upon completion of building (when the building is ready to be moved into and all equipment is hooked up to the building), issue FEMA National Flood Insurance Program elevation certificate and issue survey plat showing improvements.
Boundary Surveys

These surveys, also called Property Line Surveys, meet the state standards for a property boundary survey and show the boundaries, buildings, improvements, known easements and encroachments on a property. They also establish the property corners. Boundary surveys are typically performed to obtain building permits, to resolve property line disputes, for erecting fences and etc.

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Mandle-Edwards Surveying, Inc. – Provides Essential Services To Developers, Builders, And Individuals
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