Mid South Coatings, LLC – Most Affordable Exterior Solution in the South!

Mid-South Coatings is the only exterior painting contractor applying the advanced TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® Coating System to reduce energy costs. TEX-COTE® also lasts longer than paint and makes any home or commercial property look its best! With TEX-COTE® you’ll never have to paint your home again!

Scraping and painting your home or business every few years can be an expensive and time-consuming chore. Having expert home improvement contractor Mid-South Coatings apply advanced TEX-COTE® exterior coating on structures in New Orleans and the nearby areas is the smart way to eliminate the need to paint while also sharply reducing costly cooling bills. And TEX-COTE® keeps your home looking beautiful with a dazzling array of custom colors from which to choose.

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TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® is not traditional paint, but an advanced coating that incorporates technology that not only protects your home beautifully, but can also help reduce the temperature of the outside of your home by up to 40 degrees (F). This exterior cooling technology keeps the inside cooler as well, saving you up to 21.9% on home energy costs during warm weather.*

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Mid South Coatings, LLC – Most Affordable Exterior Solution in the South!
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