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NANO: providing architectural design, interior design and furniture design services

Started in 2001, the NANO LLC design team is based in New Orleans, LA.

The motivating philosophy behind NANO LLC’s success is one of spatial relationships based upon a series of scales. We think of every project as encompassing not only the most removed, observable viewpoint, but also the most detailed. We approach every project not only at the scale of the city, the block and the street, but also at the level of the smallest minutiae – the joint, the reveal and the grain. In the process of developing our clients’ projects, no scale is superior and they all must work together to structure the overall design concept.

Our mission is to consistently design quality architectural environments, which add value to our clients’ everyday aesthetic and operational experiences. We engage our clients throughout the entire design process by initiating strong communication and immediately making every critical person in the client’s circle the most important members of our team. This client-centered, team-building approach allows the NANO LLC design team to fully understand the priorities and expectations of the client, enabling us to make the most appropriate design decisions necessary to meet or, in most cases, exceed those goals.

Success for any NANO LLC project is contingent upon several critical standards. These include that the client’s needs and expectations must be met, the project must be delivered within the established schedule and constructed within the established budget.

The NANO LLC team has extensive experience with all accessibility standards for public buildings, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Local and National Building and Life Safety Codes. Many of our renovation projects, particularly of older and historic structures, have involved extensive ADA updates.

In the course of our combined 60 years of experience, NANO LLC’s design team is experienced in a multitude of architectural project types including new construction, renovations and historic preservation for a variety of clients including military, civic, commercial and private.

NANO LLC is a certified DBE with the City of New Orleans and a certified Woman Owned Business with WBENC.

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NANO: providing architectural design, interior design and furniture design services
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