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Omni Builders, Inc. – Builder of Fine Custom Homes

Richard C. Smith, earned his Masters degree in Architecture from Tulane University in 1976. His knowledge and love of good design is quite apparent in his home building.

Through his past affiliation with a New Orleans design-build firm, and currently, as the principal of both Omni Builders, Inc., and its design arm, New Design Studios, Rick has built numerous custom-designed homes of various architectural styles throughout the Greater New Orleans area, both on urban infill lots, as well as in planned communities.

He was one of the early featured builders in English Turn, a prestigious master-planned community on New Orleans’ West Bank, as president of Spencersmith.

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Residential and Commercial Services

• Select your lot
• Establish a budget
• Find a preliminary design
• Start shopping for the choices of materials to be used
• Revise your design after you have analyzed the choices
• Start your banking process to understand what you are qualified to barrow
• Revise your choices on the available loan amount
• Prepare the construction documents that will allow the job to be bid out
• Develop the construction specifications on exactly what is going into the house
• Review the bids to see where is the overall construction cost
• Develop a construction schedule to know what decisions are necessary to keep the job running smoothly

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Omni Builders, Inc. – Builder of Fine Custom Homes
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