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Rader’s Insulation – Foam, Fiberglass, Cellulose

Rader’s Insulation is Louisiana’s top insulation company. We have locations in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Ville Platte to serve all of your insulation needs. Whether it’s spray foam, cellulose or radiant barriers, we carry a complete line of insulation products. We are an EnergyWise partner and we can guarantee your energy bill.

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Spray-Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation provides a greater level of insulation value over the traditional insulations we have come accustom to over the years. Spray foam not only stops the heat from entering out homes, but also eliminates air infiltration as well. And it is this “air seal” that is the most important part of creating an energy efficient home or work place. Another added benefit of spray foam is that it is a permanent insulation. Unlike most traditional insulations, spray foam will last the lifetime of the structure without a decrease in efficiency. Most all other insulation types will loose some of their value over time.

Cellulose insulation is superior to fiberglass in blocking heat loss and air infiltration, eliminating moisture, reducing energy consumption and providing fireproofing and sound insulation. It does not deteriorate, costs less to fabricate, and is composed of 80 percent recycled materials, diverting usable materials from the waste stream. Buildings insulated with cellulose reduce air infiltration by 24.5 percent over traditional fiberglass insulation and therefore require 26 percent less energy to heat and cool. In an era of ever-rising energy costs, going green with cellulose makes simple common sense.

Radiant barriers reflect radiant energy transferred via radiation. Radiation is the transfer of heat (infrared radiant energy) from a hot surface to a colder surface across an air space. All surfaces, including roofs, ceilings and basic insulation, radiate heat in varying degrees. Radiant heat is invisible and has no temperature, only energy. When this radiant energy strikes a secondary surface, it is absorbed and increases the temperature of that secondary surface.


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Rader’s Insulation – Foam, Fiberglass, Cellulose
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