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Tara Shaw Antiques – Seeking Europe’s Finest Antiquities

Tara Shaw Ltd…home of the popular Tara Shaw Maison line of home furnishings and antiques!

Twenty years of traveling the world, seeking Europe’s finest antiques and negotiating prices in Francs, Lire, RMB and Euro have taught the Tara Shaw Antiques and Tara Shaw Maison companies many things; the most important is LOVE YOUR FURNITURE. What was once ‘To The Trade’ is now ‘To The World’. Tara Shaw Antiques is a true labor of love for the founder, Tara Shaw. Coming from a family whose matriarch had a Ph.D in savvy shopping, the bar was set exceptionally high for Tara. When she is guerrilla antiquing across Europe, she relies on her well-trained eye for style and her tenacious negotiating skills for price to bring those one-of-a-kind finds she is famous for “To The World”. The meager beginnings of the company over 20 years ago cemented its modern day strategy of finding the most extraordinary pieces at the best prices. Over the years, tens of thousands of treasures ranging from antique opera glasses to elegant encoignures have been loaded on containers by Tara, destined for the finest stores, design projects and homes in North America.

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Tara Shaw Antiques – Seeking Europe’s Finest Antiquities
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