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The Occasional Wife – The Modern Solution To Your Busy Life

Busy Life? Get a Wife!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have someone take care of all those “little things” that just seem to escape you in your busy life? Someone to organize in a way that frees up your time to enjoy the really important things like family and friends?

We can do all that for you – and MORE!

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Residential and Commercial Services

Feeling a little out of sorts in your home or office? Can’t seem to find your notes from yesterday? Is clutter overwhelming you? Our staff specializes in putting your home and life on a track to work together.

Are you attached to items that you have no place to put? Do you need help finding a new home for items you like but just don’t need? Our weekly warehouse estate sale is a great option.

Estate Sales
Our specialty: the setup and sale of your home’s contents. We have an extensive client list of over 8000 contacts that visit our sales on a regular basis.


The Occasional Wife – The Modern Solution To Your Busy Life
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